I’m not going to be posting very much for a while. I’ve started some online courses that need most of my attention for now. Posts I’ve been working on will be finished and posted, but that will be when I have the free time to work on them. So, in summary: incomplete posts will be […]

A Hat in Time (Proton)

A Hat in Time is a 3D adventure platforming game in the style of Super Mario Sunshine; it was funded on Kickstarter and released in 2017. There are two DLCs for the game and two soundtrack albums available. The plot of the game centers around Hat Kid, who is looking for her missing timepieces, which […]

Wanna hear an annoying thing?

My GNOME desktop was missing all of my customizations when I booted on my computer today. I think it’s from the GNOME desktop environment updating to version 40, but I don’t think System76 added it to Pop? Since: 1, I’m on the 20.04 LTS version of Pop, and 2, System76 is working on their own […]

Okami HD (Tinker/Proton)

Okami is an action-adventure game originally made for the PS2 in 2006-2007 by Clover Studios, which shut down shortly after. The Wii port was released in 2008, followed by the HD remaster on PS3 in 2012, followed again by Windows, PS4, and Xbox One versions in 2017, and finally a Nintendo Switch port in 2018. […]

Games list: Slime Rancher (Native)

Slime Rancher is a game where you ranch slimes. Your player character, Beatrix Lebeau, who has a love for adventure, moves to the Far Far Range. She is sold a ranch that once belonged to another rancher, Hobson Twillgers. In adventure mode, you can find his scattered notes around the Far Far Range, detailing his […]

Cattails (Native/Tinker)

Cattails is a game where you play as a cat. There are other cats. They live in colonies that you can join. At the start of a new game, you get a cutscene showing the pre-made backstory for your cat, a pet adopted and later abandoned at the side of the road in the middle […]

Wizard101/Pirate101 (Tinker/Wine)

Wizard101 and its sibling game, Pirate101, are online MMO games made by KingsIsle Entertainment. Both games take place in the Spiral, which is shaped like a galaxy and contains many worlds made up of floating islands. The player character of Wizard101 starts in Wizard City, an island at the center of the Spiral, while the […]

Games list: Minecraft (Native/Mods)

Minecraft is one of those games that has become incredibly popular primarily through word-of-mouth. And for a good reason. The various ways to play the game, combined with near randomly generated worlds, means that even if you’re watching someone else play, each world and what is done in it will be different and exciting. Another […]

Games list: Dungeons 3 (Native)

Dungeons 3 is one of the rare dungeon management type games; in essence, it’s a base builder game where enemies will occasionally attempt to raid your underground base, and you use traps and hired monsters to kill them. In Dungeons 3, you can also send your minions/troops into the overworld to capture objectives and destroy […]