Wanna hear an annoying thing?

My GNOME desktop was missing all of my customizations when I booted on my computer today. I think it’s from the GNOME desktop environment updating to version 40, but I don’t think System76 added it to Pop? Since: 1, I’m on the 20.04 LTS version of Pop, and 2, System76 is working on their own desktop environment called Cosmic, which they plan on releasing in POP!_OS version 21.04.

I think the end result is the same, at least for me. If I’m on GNOME 40, I’ll have to wait for my extensions to update so I can re-enable them. And if the problem is GNOME being stupid instead and not letting me enable my extensions because they’re not up to date with the latest version, ignoring that I’m not ON the latest version. I’ll need to either wait for them to update to the latest version or wait for GNOME to fix the issue.

Either which way, this situation is aggravating for someone like me, who’s just trying to do my computering in peace, without having frigging tech wizard knowledge to draw on to fix the issue. It looks like I’ll just have to deal with it for now. At least I have lunch plans today; a nice lunch makes everything better.

Post-Lunch Edit: I found the GNOME settings on my system. I had been going to the GNOME extensions site to enable and disable my Extensions. It turns out they were disabled entirely in my GNOME settings app.

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