Okami HD (Tinker/Proton)

Okami is an action-adventure game originally made for the PS2 in 2006-2007 by Clover Studios, which shut down shortly after. The Wii port was released in 2008, followed by the HD remaster on PS3 in 2012, followed again by Windows, PS4, and Xbox One versions in 2017, and finally a Nintendo Switch port in 2018.

Okami HD on Windows plays well on low-end systems, partially because of its low-poly PS2 era models and its hardcoded 30 FPS limit. The games’ art style lends itself well to the models and hides most of the janky edges present in games from the same era. Simply put, Okami’s art style has helped it age gracefully.

I had some issues getting this game running in Proton, gameplay ran fine, but twice in testing, I had freezing happen at the start of cutscenes in the early game. For context, after the cutscenes at the start of the game, the first two areas you go to are the River of the Heavens and the Cave of Nagi. in both of these areas, you have a cutscene where you meet one of the Brush Gods and get their specific Celestial Brush Technique. In both of Steam’s most recent Proton releases, this is where I had crashes happen. The cutscene would start and then freeze, soft locking the game and making you restart from your last save.

In the end, I needed to use GloriousEggroll’s custom Proton since their version of Proton incorporates fixes for various game-specific bugs, and I assume that at least one other game has probably had the same problem. It seems to have worked, but I only encountered the bug twice, as that’s how long it took for me to get fed up with it. And I didn’t encounter the bug in the same place each time, so I may have just been unlucky. Either way, I’ve had no issue with it using custom Proton, specifically the Proton-6.5-GE-2 version.

Okami HD is a nostalgic game for me, despite the fact that I only finished it for the first time just last year, playing on my old windows laptop. I’m looking forward to replaying it on my new machine, and when my new playthrough on Linux is complete, I’ll add a note of it here. I’ll be pretty sure of the stability by then.

Okami has a great story, fantastic music, and has plenty of comedic moments, but it isn’t afraid of being serious when the story calls for it. I recommend playing it on whatever platform you like; it’s available digitally for $20 with most online sellers. I’m just here to tell you that playing on Linux is an option. Even on PC, I play most games with a controller, so there isn’t much difference for me there. While I haven’t tested this game in 4K, it is still an option for PC players along with PS4 and Xbox One players, and given how well the game runs on low-end systems, 4K should be little to no problem for mid-range gaming PCs like mine.

A quick edit: I’ve since tested this game on the 4K TV in my living room, and it ran beautifully. If you are doing the same, make sure your display is running at its native refresh rate. In my case, the display was running at 30hz at first, and even though that’s the frame rate the game runs in, the input lag from it made the game near impossible to play for me since the inputs I made would register roughly half a second after I made them. Luckily, adjusting the display settings so that the TV was running at 60hz fixed the lag issue, and I finally got to enjoy playing this beautiful game in 4K.

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