Games list: Minecraft (Native/Mods)

Minecraft is one of those games that has become incredibly popular primarily through word-of-mouth. And for a good reason. The various ways to play the game, combined with near randomly generated worlds, means that even if you’re watching someone else play, each world and what is done in it will be different and exciting.

Another strength of this game is that your imagination is the only limit on your play style since it is an open-world sandbox game. And it only gets even crazier when you add mods to the list. Minecraft Java edition has a native Linux Launcher, and it works well, but the bulk of my gameplay on my Linux machine has been using an open-source launcher called MultiMC.

The greatest aspect of MultiMC, besides its enhanced ability to have multiple customized instances of Minecraft, is that MultiMC has built-in mod-loader functionality. The two major mod-loaders, Forge and Fabric, are both available in MultiMC’s Edit instance menu, allowing you to add either to your custom instance of Minecraft. You can’t load both simultaneously, but you can have as many instances as you like with either Forge or Fabric mods.

MultiMC is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac and is, in my opinion, probably the best way to play Minecraft. In my current game, I have:

  • A world map mod, useful for my tendency to get completely lost in any game that doesn’t give me a map
  • A mod that adds backpacks
  • A port of the popular morph mod for Fabric, since that’s what I’m using, and the original only works on Forge
  • A mod that lets me turn mobs into items and back again, useful for stealing villagers to populate my eventual recreation of Atlantis
  • Several optimization mods boost my FPS to the point I could either play in 4k or max out a 1080p 240hz monitor, neither of which is available to me, though it helps to know that I’m not straining my system in the slightest.

In summation, moving to Linux doesn’t mean you can’t play Minecraft. And even if you don’t plan on moving to Linux, MultiMC is the best Minecraft launcher available since if you are using it, it means you won’t need to fiddle with downloading and setting up your preferred mod loader. Sometimes ease-of-use is just better than complicated solutions.

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