Games list: Dungeons 3 (Native)

Dungeons 3 is one of the rare dungeon management type games; in essence, it’s a base builder game where enemies will occasionally attempt to raid your underground base, and you use traps and hired monsters to kill them. In Dungeons 3, you can also send your minions/troops into the overworld to capture objectives and destroy beautiful places and enemy camps, all of which are advantageous to you, the player.

The protagonist of Dungeon 3’s story-line is Thayla the dark elf, which the Variably-Named-Evil of the previous two games in the series turns to evil, not that it was that difficult. The ‘heroes’ on the side of ‘good’ aren’t that nice to her. One of the first major ‘heroes’ you kill is Grimli the Dwarven King, a friend of Thayla’s father figure, Tanos the Paladin. Grimli is a racist jerk to Thayla, even during the first level, when they’re still on the same side, and Thayla’s father, Tanos, doesn’t even tell him to knock it off.

Both Thayla and the Narrator break the fourth wall often and snark at each other and other characters somewhat regularly in the campaign mode. Your first minions are little snots, which have no combat ability, and are your base builders.

Members of the Horde are Goblins, Orcs, and Nagas, which are in RPG meta terms, your DPS, Tank, and Healer units. Demons, of which I’ve only unlocked Imps, so far seem to be ranged attackers. The last minion type I’ve unlocked is Undead; I’ve gotten Banshees, which are close-range area-of-effect attackers. Having the undead basecamp room means that heroes that die in your dungeon have a chance to become zombie minions.

I haven’t gotten far in the main campaign, but so far, my preferred strategy has been to funnel dungeon raiders into narrow paths with no offshoots filled with traps. On maps with more than one entrance, I either have a narrow path that leads to my trap corridor at my other entrance, or I have both trap corridors lead to my guard room, which is close to my Dungeonheart in case I need to portal my troops back to base in a hurry and is where I keep all my minions when I don’t need them elsewhere. Putting doors in the trap corridor helps, too, because heroes need to break them to pass, which gives me time to move my minions into place and/or set off my manual traps.

This game was surprisingly fun for me; I find the base-building aspect a rather zen experience. I was surprised that this game had a native Linux port since most bigger games don’t bother to since the desktop Linux user-base is rather small compared to Windows and Mac. The Linux port of Dungeons 3 is, from my limited experience, identical to any other version of the game, which is excellent. I’ve run into no problems in getting it to run and have seen no noticeable bugs in game-play. If dungeon-building games appeal to you, and you’ve either played games in this genre before or not, I’d recommend trying this game out.

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